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Anonymous murmured: my penis is so long you could make a knot with it if you wanted to


that’s cool. I’m looking at the ocean right now and there are sooooo many dolphins playing together it’s so cute!!! and the water is very clear so I can see them very well and I’m about to go down there to swim. see you later

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it hurts you know,
reading (real amazing)manga…





Madelaine Hair Up by Ed Hodgkinson
" Kindness should be the natural way of life, not the exception. "

Buddha (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Leda and the Swan, 1962


Leda and the Swan, 1962

Painter painting in our land pictures of only white angels
Painter painting in our time in shadows of yesterday

Painter, if you paint with love, paint me some black angels now
For all good blacks in heaven, painter show us that you care

Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros (1970 performance)

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In the darkened projection room, the viewer hears twenty-five voices in succession speaking short passages in extinct or endangered languages. Susan Hiller collected the recordings for her twenty-one-minute audiovisual work The Last Silent Movie from a variety of archival sources. In some cases, the narrator is the last known speaker of the language.

Hiller writes that the work “allows us to hear the words and voices of people mostly now dead. In The Last Silent Movie, some of them sing, some tell stories, some recite vocabulary lists, and some of them, directly or indirectly, accuse us, the listeners, of injustice.” 

— Alexandra M. Kokoli

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Anonymous murmured: Boyun kaç cemre

171 *n*

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" You guys know about vampires? … You know, vampires have no reflections in a mirror? There’s this idea that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. And what I’ve always thought isn’t that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. It’s that if you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves. And growing up, I felt like a monster in some ways. I didn’t see myself reflected at all. "
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無題 by 叔子

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how can it be 2am because im p sure it shouldnt

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Body comparative #39 (1,2)

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