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if i ever went to jail mom would pay my bail

i need more days like this one

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i was at the country borders of flippin Georgia on my way back to my country and what they do to you there is inhumane. people were crying and some people passed out and some are about to but all are terrified. absolutely no oxygen. no room for basic movement and no sight except for the perspirations big as a ladybug on a mans nape; or nothing but the pure sunlight if you are not that lucky. worse is once you get out, there are still people in there, you know, you can hear them. it is seriously alarming that something like this is actually legal. ahh, passing country borders on foot is super duper fucked up

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this room is v small and super cute

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" I act and react, and suddenly I wonder “Where is the girl that I was last year?..Two years ago?..What would she think of me now? "

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals  (via oyclu)

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7 p.m. Bibione, Italy, 2013.
From the ”Waters Series”
Akos Major


7 p.m. Bibione, Italy, 2013.From the ”Waters Series”Akos Major

The Blonds SS12

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always ask a snail where they are going and if they need help getting there

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" I find a purposeless universe to be far more inspiring and far less bleak, because it means that the meaning in our lives is the meaning we create. It is not imposed on us by some other entity…The meaning in my life is the meaning I make, and the quality of my life is the quality of my actions.
Seeing myself as an insignificant being in a purposeless universe inspires me to say: I am here for this little bit of time, I should make the most of my existence and make meaning in my life by the meaning of my actions. I find it far more humble to believe that than to assume that the universe was made for me. "

Lawrence Krauss (via whyallcaps)

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" To be so lost and not have the strength to regret it. "

Franz Kafka, Diaries  (via whyallcaps)

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" Sleep tries to seduce me by promising a more reasonable tomorrow. "

Elizabeth Smart, By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept. (via conceptnoir)

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